Want a superpower in today's day-in-age? Learn to code!

But is it really that simple, or is it complicated? I venture to say it's a little of both. You see, with the internet, and multiple languages, including frameworks, backend databases, APIs, and a whole other host of options. Coding is complicated. ย 

That does not mean it's impossible. I have been trying to learn code for the past year or so. Not consistently, I might add. But I definitely have made progress. It's hard to see when watching others code and create something with ease. But, the point is to keep showing up. Consistency. The name of the game is to code as much as possible. Google things more than not and continue to show up.

Okay, practical steps. ย 

  1. Start with the bare bone HTML/CSS
  2. Move onto Vanilla JS (which means the base JS)
  3. This is where things get tricky, at least for me. The next language to learn. React, or Vue JS or PHP, python etc. If you are choosing PHP, I highly recommend Laravel! ย Python and Django are also a nice combo. ย 

For me personally, I have decided to start with PHP/Laravel is my tool of choice. The main reason for this is the scaffolding out of the box is a great start: user registration, user profiles, strip payment and a MySQL database. It's a time-saver 100%

The point of this article is to encourage you to try and learn code. It will be frustrating, but when you can build something for yourself, that's a power worth way more than A LOT. You have the ability to create change, express yourself with your site design and copy. Make a difference in a micro or macro way. It truly is a superpower. ย